🧩💡 PromptFlow

PromptFlow is a tool that allows you to create executable flowcharts that link LLMs (Large Language Models), Prompts, Python functions, and conditional logic together. With PromptFlow, you can create complex workflows in a visual way, without having to write too much code or deal with complicated logic.

View PromptFlow on GitHub here.

How it works

PromptFlow is based on a visual flowchart editor that allows you to create nodes and connections between them. Each node can be a Prompt, a Python Function, or an LLMs. Connections between nodes represent conditional logic, and allow you to specify the flow of your program.

When you run your flowchart, PromptFlow will execute each node in the order specified by the connections, passing data between nodes as needed. If a node returns a value, that value will be passed to the next node in the flow.

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Check out the Usage section for further information.


The biggest contribution you can make to PromptFlow is to create new Nodes.

A walkthrough of how to create a new node can be found in the Development section.

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